7 Easy Ways to Select the Best Bedside Lamps

room lightingYour room is supposed to be your haven. The lighting it is supposed to suffice for whatever purpose you assign it. When the look and feel of your room coordinate with the ambience of the light within, the space becomes an in-house mecca for peace and tranquility. However, when it does not you end up with a useless room that is not inviting or relaxing at all.
Choosing the best bedside lamps is important, especially if your bedroom is special to you. The right lamps can transform a space from dull to bright and from blinding to soft. It can make your room the place you have always wanted it to be. On the other hand, the wrong lights can defeat the purpose of creating such a peaceful retreat. So, before you go shopping for a set of handsome bedside lamps, do your research. Not all bedside lamps are created equally, which is why you need to consider a few factors before narrowing your search.
Prior to doing so though, you should step inside your bedroom and visualize the look and feel you would like to achieve. Having a good idea of what your goal is will lead you to the best options. Once you have completed that simple task, move on to consider the different properties of the lamps you prefer to see if they would work well with your vision.
1. Consider the Height of the Lamp
height bedside lampsAsk yourself how tall or short you want the ideal table tamp to be. Consider your own body proportions and how they interplay with the furniture in the room. A table lamp that is too short will not serve its purpose, nor will a lamp that is far too fall. Ideally, your table lamps should be about 21 to 30 inches high – from base to switch. This is the average height of most decorative table lamps, so finding one should not be hard. Keep in mind that you may want to measure the lamps you like before you buy them if possible.
2. Check the Circumference of the Base
The table on which you place your lamps is important as well. If the surface is too small or narrow, then you might not have a good fit available. This could eventually spell disaster, especially if the lamps are particularly heavy. Not only could it damage your light fixtures but it could do harm to your tables well. Be sure to check how well your lamps fit when placed on different corners of the table, just to double-check durability. It may be necessary to provide a cloth or doily for your lamp to sit on, but if it fits nicely then a table cover will only make the space more attractive.
3. Envision Design Specifications
Think about what sort of room design you are trying to achieve with your table lamp selection. Are you going for something chic and modern or do you prefer something a little more classic? Are you eclectic or traditional? What sort of lighting ambience are you trying to create? Envision the type of specifications you would like your lamp to have and you will have blinders towards the options that don’t suit your design. In other words, know exactly what you want before shopping for it or else your desires will surely change once you see all the beautiful table lamps available.
4. Think about Scale
A lamp that is too big is about as bad as a table that is too small. The scale of the table lamps you choose should coordinate nicely with the rest of the room. Large pieces of furniture typically look good with heavier lamps, while smaller furniture tends to be more attractive with lamps that are dainty. Think about the scale of your space before selecting the style you want if possible, for the size of the lamp is of monumental importance when it comes to how it is designed as a whole. Simply put: your lamp’s scale may have a lot to do with how the designer envisioned it, so be sure your personal vision matches the intentions of the manufacturer.
5. Ponder the Placement
blue bedside lampsWhere in the bedroom are your tables for the lamps you choose? Are the tables next to the bed, on the other side of the room, or used only for accent purposes? When you take a moment to ponder the placement of the table lamps you choose you have a much easier time picking the perfect piece. Table lamps that are placed right next to the bed need to be bright enough to accommodate late night reading but dim enough to foster a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, table lamps used on the other side of the room should be a little brighter in order to provide sufficient light to the entire space. On top of all that, the table lamps have to look good where they are placed and must also coordinate with the room’s design. Your best bet is to think about all this factor before making any purchases.
6. Verify the Versatility
Your design desires may change after a while, but that shouldn’t mean you have to run out and buy brand new table lamps. If you select some lighting pieces that are interchangeable or versatile in their design then you be able to rearrange your furniture at will. Table lamps that are extra heavy might not be so easy to move around, so keep that in mind. Also, take into consideration how simple it is to switch lamp shades. If you like a particular vase but feel as though the shade does not work for your new concepts, just get a new one that does. A good table lamp will not only be timelessly beautiful but it will also be suitable for all sorts of design schemes.
7. Be Pick about Pricing
bedside lamps 3Like most people, you are probably interested in finding good deals on table lamps and accessories. Just try to keep in mind that you often get what you pay for, so finding a discount may not be the best option. This cut in price usually means that the cheap lamp may not serve its intended purposes, or at least not for long. Essentially, paying a little more for high quality lighting pieces can be a wise investment if those pieces are protected and respected. Inexpensive table lamps can sometimes break, malfunction, or not work at all. While the same can be said for an expensive table lamp, the case is usually that lamps with a higher price tag tend to last longer, look better, and survive changes in trend.

Special Considerations about Table Lamps
Be sure to take note of the wattage of the table lamps you like. Check to see if the outlets you plan to use are compatible and that all electrical components are in top shape. Creating a unique lighting scheme is simple when you have chosen the perfect table lamps. Combine your due diligence with your impeccable taste and you should have a perfectly relaxing bedroom in no time.
One more thing to consider before spending your hard-earned money on lighting fixtures: when searching for bedside lamps that best fit your criteria, do not forget to inquire about any warranties or guarantees. Some manufacturers actually provide quality and satisfaction promises to customers, which is always handy if and/or when your lamps begin to malfunction, tarnish, or break.

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