Bedroom Table Lamp with On/ Off Touch Sensor-2 Pack Set review 2016

touch lamp 2 setI have seen bedroom table lamp with on/ off touch sensor at our friend’s home. It looks and sensor attracted me very much. I gone through the online review of the product and found that majority of customers given very good review about the product. They recommended other and they themselves purchased again and again the lamp. My friend, who had been using since last one year, also had the same view and given me very positive feedback about the product. Without any further delay, I decided to order one pair of lamp for my bedroom. And I received the same at our residence in the very next day of my placing the order.

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I placed the lamp on both side of the bed. Its cute look & soft light changed the atmosphere of my bedroom. After that I ordered one more pair for my living area also. I have received many compliments from family & friends. Many of them also purchased the same. I have gifted this pair of bedside lamps to many of my friends & colleagues on their birthday and on marriage anniversary.
It has metallic base color with brushed steel/nickel/bronze finish and having 9” height & 6” diameter, which looks very sweet. It is neither too big nor too small. Its fabric shades gives a modern look of the lamp.

I love it’s on/off touch control features, which has four setting as low, medium, high & off.
As per the technical specification I am using 40 W incandescent bulbs. It is light weight lamp (1 pound), which can be shifted to any place. It is very safe. A chance of getting electric shocked is not there like we found in many ordinary lamps. Many a times in ordinary bedside lamp I found electric cable get melted due to heat and poor quality cable, which ultimately make an unsafe situation. But I have not received any such experience with these lamps and also I have not found any adverse comments on website also.
Bedroom Table Lamp touch bedside lamps  I had done many experiments with these bedside lamps. I placed this lamp near the plants in garden area during small gathering. Sometimes I covered the lamps with different transparent color sheets to feel different color at home. I also used this lamp at dinner table to feel like candle light dinner party.
I had purchased about six month ago and till now I have not faced any problem. I shall highly recommend everyone to buy these lamps. It has very soft smoothing light. You can place it in living room, bedroom even near the bath tub also. It has the customer rating about 3.9 out of 5 star. This is very trusted product and first launch during September 2004.
Today at amazon, you can get this product at 50% price. I am going to buy further and you also buy it. It has very reasonable price compare to other bedside lamps .I am full confident that you will like it and it will change your homes atmosphere. It will give a very royal look at your home. Hence don’t hesitate, just order it, you will definitely buy it again and again.


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