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There areda lights many things that occur beneath the glow of our bedside light, from writing or journaling, to reading our favorite stories before we drift off to sleep. These lights create a kind of comfort and relaxation that is hard to compare to any other lighting in our homes. No matter what you choose to do with the light provided from the lamps on your bedside tables, you can always trust that these lamps will set the mood for the rest of your evening, as well as allow you the comfort you desire as you get ready to lay your head down on your pillow for the night.


The Goal of Bedside Light
The main goal of possessing a bedside light is generally to create a comfortable ambiance that will help you ease yourself into sleep without preventing you from sleeping at night. This is generally great for those who enjoy reading before bed or have taken up journaling in the evening to clear their heads. While these activities will not only help you to relax, the lighting in the room should be relaxing as well. Something that is incredibly bright isn’t exactly relaxing and will only cause you to remain alert and awake when you want to sleep. Ensuring the lights are dim is a simple task when you take into consideration the brightness of each lightbulb due to the wattage, and the style of the bedside light you wish to obtain. Creating the perfect ambiance in your bedroom also requires a specific type of lamp shade to prevent from over lighting the room at night. By keeping in mind that your goal is soft lighting and comfort, you can easily find the perfect bedside light.



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How Much Light Do You Need?
While there is no perfect equation to finding out how many lights you will need to properly light your bedroom, it has been proven that you will require more than a single light. To achieve the perfect amount of light for your bedroom, a single light would have to be incredibly bright to properly light your room and would not be the most comfortable lighting, you will actually need about 2 to 4 lights depending on the size of your bedroom. Obtaining the perfect amount of light requires at least two bedside light fixtures and possibly two other lights on the other end of your room. This can create a soft glow within your bedroom and provide you with enough light to get ready for bed without subjecting your eyes to too much light before attempting to sleep.

Bedside Light and Your Eyes
The amount of bedside light you choose for your bedroom can actually affect your sleep at night. Your eyes help to ease your body into going to sleep due to the connection it has with the gland that produces melatonin or the hormone that tells your body that it is time to go to sleep. You may be wondering what this has to do with the bedside light fixtures that you choose to put in your bedroom. Believe it or not, the lighting that you choose will play a huge role in the amount of sleep you will actually get each night. Choosing a soft bedside light is key to obtaining enough light to both read and get dressed by without disrupting the production of melatonin in your system. This kind of bedside light is best and will ensure that you still achieve the best sleep possible at night without waking if you happen to fall asleep with the lights on.



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How to Choose Your Bedside Light?
Knowing how to choose your bedside light and ensuring it isn’t too bright for your bedtime rituals can seem like a difficult task to take on as you are setting up your bedroom. However it is all about the wattage you choose which helps to determine the brightness of the bedside light. Since going too bright can affect your sleep, you will need to find a low wattage light to ensure you can still see without disrupting your melatonin levels at night. For instance, something as bright as your phone is going to hinder your ability to sleep, but something like a light bulb that is between 40 and 60 watts should be enough to read by without causing problems. If you are going for an adjustable light such as a reading light, you will want to ensure that you adjust it for reading by lighting the page without lighting the rest of the room.

Bedside Light Uses
There are many things you can use your bedside light for in the evening before bed. For instance, many people read before bed as it relaxes them and allows them to unwind before falling to sleep. Others write in a journal in the light provided by their bedside lamp allowing them to clear their head before bed. Choosing the right amount of light to do these things by is important as light that is too bright can prevent you from falling asleep, and light that is too dim won’t allow you to properly see the pages in your book or journal. While it is important to choose your lighting carefully, it is also important to find a bedside light that you like and will fit into the décor of your bedroom without interfering with the look and feel that you desire in the room. Since finding a light that you like is easy, simply ensure that the lamp you choose will take the soft and low wattage light bulbs that are needed to create the lighting that won’t prevent you from sleeping at night.


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Lamp Shades and Bedside Light
Creating the ambiance that you wish your bedroom to possess is easy with an understanding of how lamp shades can affect the bedside light in the room. Many people choose to use a bedside light with a colored or opaque lamp shade due to the colors that are given off by the light beneath the shade as well as the ability to focus the light where they want it to go. When you choose a softer light for the bedroom, you can choose a colored shade to create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance that will help you to sleep. If the light is a little brighter than you feel comfortable with, you can choose an opaque lamp shade for your bedside light to take away the harshness of the light and soften the lighting through the direction you wish the light to shine.

Tricks to Making Your Bedside Light Softer
Occasionally we buy a bedside light or a light bulb that is too bright for our normal bedtime rituals, and after a while the level of light in the room begins to affect how well we sleep at night. And while some may not notice before they can return the light or the bulb, others may not be able to return the light or bulb due to store policies. Living with the excessively bright light in your bedroom can be incredibly difficult and make it difficult to sleep at night, but there are some things you can try to lower the lighting near your bed and ensure you can still get sleep at night with your bedside light.
One easy way to soften a bright light in your room is to cover it. There are lamp shades out there for bedside light that will help you to soften the lighting coming from your lamp and help to ensure you get sleep. These shades will generally possess a covering over them that will not only soften the light, but create a colored ambiance to help you sleep better. Another alternative to buying a new lamp shade is to put a scarf over the top of the lamp shade to soften the bedside light that the lamp is giving off. Generally this is best done with a larger lamp shade that offers quite a bit of space between the top of the light bulb and the top of the lamp shade. This prevents the scarf from getting too hot or catching fire.
Move the Light
Another option to softening a harsh bedside light is to move the light farther from the bed. While this can be a bit inconvenient, it will make the lighting near your bed softer and dimmer. If you aren’t too keen on the idea of getting out of bed to turn off the light, even if it is only an extra two feet away, you could always purchase the right wattage bulb for the light and place the bulb elsewhere in your home. Moving the light is a good option for those who cannot afford to run out and buy another lightbulb, or don’t have the ability to purchase the correct bulb right away. While this is a choice, it is only another option to obtaining the best bedside light for your evening routine.

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