Children’s Bedside Lamps

childs lampsAs any parent would agree, one of the most rewarding parts of life is raising children. Along with helping you to re-examine the world in a new way, children provide excellent opportunities to explore a range of interests. In addition, it can be a fantastic experience slowly watching as their personality and sense of individuality develop. For many parents, this starts earlier then they might imagine.

Starting at a very young age, children begin expressing their interest in things. Most often reflected in their rooms, the things they pick out for their room reflects what interests them. From posters to furniture, everything physical becomes a reflection of a child’s emerging style.

Children’s bedside lamps provide a combination of form and function. When picking one out for your child, there are several considerations that you should keep in mind. Lets take a moment to review these considerations now.

How Solidly Constructed Is The Bedside Lamp?

Children, like adults, are clumsy. Even with things that they treasure, it is not uncommon to accidentally move in the wrong way, knock into them, and break them. When considering a bedside lamp, you will want to look for something that is solidly constructed. First, imagine it falling onto the floor. Would the majority of the bedside lamp survive? Second, imagine how easy it would be to tip or knock the bedside lamp off. While many well-designed bedside lamps for children may be interesting to look at, not all of them will be sturdy enough to not fall over when accidentally knocked over. With solid construction in mind, you can spend more now, knowing that you will have to spend less in the future replacing the bedside lamp if and when something happens to it.


How Functional Is The Bedside Lamp?

The bedside lamp can be incredibly fun, providing your child with a bit of whimsy and functionality tied into one. However, if the bedside lamp lacks direct functionality, then it may be more trouble then it is worth and be rarely used as a result. Take a moment to consider how easy it will be to turn the bedside lamp on and off. Will your child have to reach down or wind their hand through the lamp itself to find the on/off switch? Is there a toggle switch on the power line itself? If so, how far down the line is it and will it be practical given the setup of your child’s room? Another thing to consider is the intensity of the light. What is the lamp designed for in terms of wattage and how quickly might it burn through the bulb? In addition, is the decorative lampshade that many children’s bedside lamps clear enough to let light through? Sometimes functionality is ultimately sacrificed for form, creating a pretty but useless bedside lamp.


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How Engaging Is The Bedside Lamp?

It takes less then a minute of searching to realize how much selection there is for bedside lamps marketed towards children. This incredible selection not only includes unique lampshades, but innovative lamp bases. From lamp poles modeled like ropes to different geometric shapes and even animals, there is incredible variation in bedside lamps. The reason for all of this is that beside lamps stick out near the bed, being one of the first things people look at when they scan a room. The bedside lamp should then be engaging to the interest of the child, as it will represent their interests and be something that other people identify with them. The most challenging part about picking an engaging bedside lamp is finding out what you child wants, likes, and will enjoy.


How Cost Effective Is The Bedside Lamp?

Bedside lamps for children can range from the two to three figure range. With that in mind, consider the interests of your child and how frequently they may change. Will what you purchase now have lasting power? If nothing else happens to the lamp, then how long do you believe your child will use it for before losing interest in it? In addition, how long do you think it will be before the lamp is accidentally broken? While we cannot predict these things with any certainty, we can guess based on what we know of our children, weighing the pros and cons of cost.

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