Discover the Artiva USA Avalon Touch Bedside Lamp

Artiva USA Avalon Touch Table LampIf you want to buy a new table lamp, you’ll enjoy learning about the features and benefits of the Artiva USA Avalon Touch-switch Table Lamp. This design is the perfect blend of form and function and it’s available for a reasonable price. You’ll be able to buy this lamp for about ninety-eight dollars at most larger online retailers.
How Does It Look?
You won’t have to sacrifice style and beauty when you choose this reasonably-priced design. It’s a high-quality lamp which looks amazing! Adorned with sleek, ultra-modern style details, this lamp features a frosted satin body which is crafted from durable nickel. The shade is made from frosted glass and it has a unique and innovative “canoe” shape which is definitely very pleasing to the eye.
This gorgeous lamp will be perfect for those who appreciate minimalist, futuristic design. It’s actually ideal for any modern home interior and it will add significant panache to any living room, den or bedroom. If you prefer eclectic style, you’ll find that adding this lamp to a room which features furnishings and accessories of different styles, from different areas, will provide the perfect finishing touch…as well as lots of welcome light!

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What Features Does It Have?
This lamp comes with a sturdy, stable base, so you won’t need to worry about it tipping over. As well, it is crafted from quality materials, with painstaking attention to detail, so it’s definitely built in order to stand the test of time. The lamp gets very high marks from real-life owners. They appreciate its convenient touch sensor, which allows owners to choose preferred lighting settings with just a quick touch! Choose from a trio of settings in order to give you room the perfect ambience in mere seconds.
When you order this design, it will come with a couple of E12 B10 40-watt candelabra light bulbs. It’s also possible to use other forms of light bulbs in this versatile lamp, such as 9-watt CFLs or 5-watt LEDs. If you choose other light bulbs, make sure that they are three-way styles. This will ensure that you’re able to enjoy the different lighting settings that this lamp offers.
This lamp weighs in at seven pounds, so it’s solid enough to have a little heft. Its dimensions are 5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches.
Pros and Cons of This Design
We’ve already talked about the key pros of this design, which include its high-quality materials, its user-friendly touch sensor and its attractive look. In terms of drawbacks, it’s not the most inexpensive lamp around, so it may be too expensive for some people. It’s a stylish lamp which offers a lot of value for its mid-range price tag – however, there are cheaper table lamps out there.
Another potential “con” of this design is that it may not be bright enough for some customers. It’s designed to offer extra light, rather than illuminating a large space on its own. Since the shade is frosted and it only offers 80 watts of lighting, it’s perfect for users who want some extra light. However, other customers may be looking for more brightness…
By letting you know the features and pros and cons of this lamp, we hope to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you. If you do love the way that it looks, as well as its features, and you’re comfortable with its price tag and brightness level, this may just be the table that you’ve been looking for. You may find this design at for a great price or look for it elsewhere online.


Artiva USA Avalon - Touch-switch Table Lamp-bedside lamps
Choose This Exceptional Lamp Today
When you select this lovely and contemporary design today, you’ll be treating yourself to quality and beauty, without needing to spend too much money. Almost all of the people who’ve bought this table lamp online are very happy with it. After all, it’s very simple to use and it has a unique look which is very artistic and appealing.
You deserve the very best. When you order this beautiful lamp today, you’ll get the superior quality and beauty that you want. Portable and durable, it will be easy to move from room to room, so it’s definitely a practical design.

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