Exeter Set of 2 Bronze Table Lamps Review

Nowadays when most people go for the sleek and minimalist modern look it can be difficult to find a product that looks like an authentic antique without the price tag. Sometimes the warmth, classiness and homeliness that a traditionally inspired product can bring just can’t be replicated with modern styles. Maybe you have already found your perfect decor and are looking for the finishing touch, or maybe you want to go back to basics and shed the cloak of modernity and need a little inspiration. In either case the Exeter set of 2 bronze table lamps may just be product that puts the home back in your house.

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exeter lamps
Product Features and Benefits





♦ This product comes with a delightfully stylish bronze finish that can bring a touch of an English stately home to even the blandest of abodes.
♦ The Creme shade tones down the product so that it can seamlessly blend into any decor.
♦ The decorative open leaf design on the base is a fantastic touch that just adds to the authenticity of the product.
♦ These twin lamps are a great size featuring a shade that measure 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
♦ You can be sure that these lamps have the ability to light up the room as they each take up to a 100 watt light-bulb.
♦ They are in fact so attractive that a picture will never be able to do them justice.
♦ They are protectively packaged to ensure the safety of the product during transit.
♦ There is no assembly require minus inserting the bulb so you can have them on display as soon as they arrive.

♦ There really are extremely minimal disadvantages to this product, which can be overlooked due to the sheer beauty of this exciting pair.
♦ The bulbs are not included with the product, but they can be added to the order at the time of purchase so you don’t have to wait to get your product on show.
For table lamps there are a little on the light side, and may be prone to falling with a little push. However with a bit of tender loving care these lamps should be able to see you through the years, looking every bit as stylish as the day they arrived.

Why follow the crowd and fill your home with squares and straight lines when you could instead branch out on your own and fill your home with traditional features that serve to create a warmth and homeliness rarely experienced in these modern times. If you yearn to get back to the good old days, then the Exeter set of 2 bronze table lamps could be the perfect place to start. Add a touch of class to your living area, or amp up the ambience in your boudoir with these beautiful lamps. The bronze finish on this product really is very convincing and you will no doubt be getting comments from friends and family saying how expensive they look. The Design of these lamps has been thought of from start to finish, because of the dark bronze base, the product has been evened out with a lovely light creme shade, meaning that you can get all the benefits of a traditional style without the darkness. The decorative open leaf design is such a pretty and appealing addition that it will easily turn these lamps from a practical possession to aesthetic feature. However the practicality is still at the forefront, these lamps are essentially there to provide light and light they can provide with the inclusion of a 100 watt light-bulb.


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