Kids Line Lamp Base and Shade, Robots Play Review 2016

Kids Line Lamp Base and Shade, Robots Play childrens bedside lampsLovely lamp with good designs

This kids lamp is really amazing and worth its price. This lamp looks very attractive just as shown in the picture. The kids love this lamp, both boys and girls. The theme of the lamp is very amazing and looks very nice. The kids nowadays love this robot related stuff. With all the cartoons related to robots aired in the television, this lamp is a perfect to put in your kids room.

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The body of the lamp is quite strong and also looks very beautiful. The lamp stands on a base plate. This base plate is fixed with the lamp. The base plate is reasonably strong and there is very little chance for the lamp to fall. The size of the lamp is also perfect. It is neither too big nor too small. It fits very perfectly in a kid’s table and does not take too much of space. You can also put it near the bed at night. A very helpful feature of this lamp is that it has a very light weight. Because of its light weight it is very easy to change positions of the lamp. It is even easy for the kid to shift the lamp and is very safe for the kid to do it.

Also the neck of the lamp is strong and durable. The on off switch is located on a chord which is very good feature. Unlike other bedside lamps where the switch is located on the body, it is not the case here. The flip switch is very easily operative for the kids too. The chord helps you to switch on or off efficiently. Even your kid can switch and there is no fear of the lamp falling or even of electrocution. This chord makes it real safe.

About the paints and design of the whole body; it looks really very beautiful. The designs are pretty amazing and the kids love it. The best part is that the designs and paints are all done with hand, which is quite impressive, isn’t it. The robot looks very cute with the lamp and its body painting makes it more attractive. The robot is made of high quality plastic and there is very less chance for it to fall off the lamp, unless you try to pull it off. Though it is hand painted, the finishing of the colouring is great, it looks really good.

The head of the lamp looks beautiful with all the stars designed on it. The material is also very good and will you can surely hope to last long.

A fluorescent bulb is included in the package which is very amazing. The light glows pretty well. And with the lights on, the stars look very lovely. The brightness of the lamp is perfect for a kid’s room to keep off the dark and not to wake the kid up from sleep. You can even adjust the bulb if you want more brightness in the lamp.

Overall this is a very lovely lamp with good features in it and surely something to gift to your kid.


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