Lite Source LS-21282BLK/BLK Remigio 24-1/2-Inch 60-watt Leather Table Lamp with Fabric Shade, Black


Accessories provide the finishing touch to any room, and it’s important that you find the right ones to work with your chosen decor and provide the ambience that you desire. Lamps are often a common accessory in bedrooms, living rooms and offices, providing a practical solution to not using an overhead light which can often be too bright and imposing. The last thing you want, when you are relaxing in the evening is a brightness to rival the sun blazing above your head, this is why lamps are such a common feature because they can give off a very calming and relaxing light which is not too bright. If you are looking for that perfect lamp to add the finishing touch to your modern abode then the Lite Source Table Lamp from the Remigio Collection could be the one for you.
Lite Source features a stunning range of quality products that are designed to please even the choosiest of customers, and this product is its crowning glory.


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Product Features and Benefits
♦ The Light Source Leather Table Lamp features a smooth and classy black leather finish with a fetching white stitching double border detail, as well as a matching black shade.
♦ The product dimensions are 14 inches long by 12 inches high for the base and 9 inches high for the shade.
♦ This attractive lamp features notable polished steel hardware which just adds to the illusion of wealth that this product portrays.
♦ Although this product is extremely stylish is it not without substance and has been developed with practicality in mind. It is the perfect table lamp because it is sturdy and durable, there is no chance of it losing balance and toppling off the desk.
♦ The authentic rectangular shade sets it apart from the norm and provides an exciting modern silhouette.
♦ The Lampshade is also opaque, which allows the light to be reflected up and down rather than directly into your eyes, creating a lovely indirect lighting effect.
♦ The long but shallow profile allows the product to sit perfectly against a flat wall, so it won’t take up too much space on your desk.
♦ The packaging is reflects the quality of the product and you can be sure that your lamp will arrive in perfect condition.
♦ The product requires minimal assembly, and only requires you to insert the lightbulb and screw the shade on to the base unit.
♦ The lamp uses a 60 watt incandescent bulb.
There really are only two very minor disadvantages to this fantastic product.
♦The bulbs are not included with the product, however it is possible to add the recommended bulbs to your order at time of purchase.
♦The on and off switch is located very close to the bulb, and this can make it slightly more difficult to turn on and off. It may have been more ergonomic to locate the switch on the side or the base, however this minor annoyance is a small price to pay for the sheer sleek and stylish design of the product.
If you are looking for a practical solution to your lighting problems whilst also keeping in line with your decor and creating an eye catching feature then this lamp is definitely the product for you. The sleek black design is easily incorporated into any room, and the sturdy and durable nature of the product means that is perfect for desk use or also as a bedside table lamp. The opaque shade creates a diffused light that offers a relaxing ambience for all users.

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