NoJo Jungle Babies Lamp and Shade Review

NoJo Jungle Babies Lamp and Shade reviewCreating an inviting and relaxing environment for your baby with just the right amount of stimulation is definitely on most parents to do lists. The innocence of youth is something that deserves to be celebrated, and incorporating design features that reflect this, all goes to make sure that you are making the most of the present with your bundle of joy, because as we all know children grown up far too fast.
The NoJo Jungle Babies Lamp and Shade has been designed with this in mind. Created using textured fabrics in cool jungle tones the product is neutral and exciting at the same time. The addition of the wooden base complete with sculptures of an elephant, frog and a cheeky dangling monkey adds an essence of fun and adventure to a product that can traditionally be quite boring.
Product Features and Benefits
♦The product is created using materials safe for baby, with a soft textured lampshade and a wooden base, there will be no nasty metal elements that your baby could hurt themselves on.
♦This cute lamp is also extremely light at only 2.9 pounds.
♦There is no danger of the lamp being too bright for an infant’s bedroom as it takes a maximum 40 watt light-bulb.
♦The product is available to be shipped internationally, so no matter where you are, you can incorporate this exciting addition to your child’s bedroom.
♦Upon ordering this product, it is also possible to select the gift wrap option, so you can give a lovely present to the special little people in your life.
♦The NoJo Jungle Babies Lamp and Shade is also a part of a wider range of jungle themed accessories including a 6 piece crib bedding set, a babies wall hanging, a rectangular floor rug, a babies switch plate cover and also a soothing night light.
The one disadvantage of this product is that it does not come with a manufacturers guarantee, however this doesn’t need to be a big worry as it is possible to request a manufacturer’s guarantee from customer service upon purchase of the product.
About the Company
NoJo is a company that prides itself on delivering high quality, interesting and high fashion baby accessories, including baby bedding and blankets. All of their products are designed with both baby and parents in mind, their neutral themes ensure that both boys and girls are happy with the products. Their online service is quick and simple and a fantastic option for busy modern parents. NoJo have built themselves a baby empire backed by parents everywhere and the name has come to represent quality, originality and comfort throughout all products in the baby industry.
In summary, the NoJo Jungle Babies Lamp and Shade is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom whether a boy or girl. This product will equip your child with a sense of adventure and help them to recognize the exotic animals that we all love. As the product is also compatible with a larger range of jungle accessories you can create and African safari in your child’s own bedroom. As NoJo is a well-known producer of baby products they always have the child in mind and therefore this lamp has been created with baby friendly materials so there is minimal danger of them harming themselves. The ease of availability via international shipping is a huge benefit as parents and children everywhere can enjoy this product. If you want to give your little lion cub a sense of the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home then this is the product for you.

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