Park Madison Lighting Lamp Set with Designer Crystal Glass , 2-Piece

park madison lightingHave you been looking for a beautiful lamp set that will allow you to light the darkened spaces of your home? Or maybe you are looking for a lamp set that possesses a contemporary design that you can use when you wish to read. This Park Madison lighting set possesses both designer crystal glass and polished nickel giving it a glamorous and contemporary look that will fit into any home. These lamps also come in pairs to ensure that you have a matching set as soon as you order them and to help them better fit into your home.
These Park Madison lamps stand 26 ¼ inches tall and 14 inches in diameter to best fit any end table as well as better light your rooms. You will also find that these lamps take 100-watt 3-way light bulbs and possess a 3-way switch to best adjust the brightness you wish to have in the room you are placing these lamps. It is good to keep in mind that these lamps do not come with the light bulbs as shipping with the bulbs may not ensure the safety of their arrival. However, you can pick up 100-watt 3-way light bulbs in just about any store that sells light bulbs or lighting fixtures. The Park Madison lighting set also comes with designer lamp shades so you won’t have to worry about purchasing them somewhere else. These beautiful shade are designer just like the lamps themselves and measure 8 inches in diameter at the top and 14 inches in diameter at the bottom with a height of 10 inches.
Placement by Previous Customers
Customers have placed these lamps just about everywhere in their home. Some chose to place them on bedside tables on either side of their bed, while others put them in their living areas. There are even a few who chose to use them in their home offices and dens as their contemporary design has allowed them to be versatile to the design of any room. These lamps will easily accommodate just about any size bedside or end table that you possess and add a chic look to any room without over powering the room with their color or design. The crystal glass along the base seem to glow when the lights are on and even assist in illuminating the room by reflecting the light outward.



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madison bedside lamp madison bedside lamps Customer Reviews
Just about everyone who have purchased these lamps love them and enjoy the glorious atmosphere that they create in their rooms. One customer purchased these lamps for her bedroom and even designed the look of her bedroom to match the lamps. The only complaint this customer had about these lamps is that one of the knobs used to turn the lamps on and off is a little “wonky” though the lights still work beautifully. Another customer said that the photo used for these lamps don’t do them any justice and they are much more beautiful in person. Some customers even bought a second set because she loved the look and feel that they provided her living room and wanted a set for her bedroom as well.
There are always customers who find things that they dislike about any product, and these lamps are no different. Some customers were disappointed about the size as they thought they would be bigger, and others felt they weren’t of the best quality. One customer felt the lamp shades were too thin and worried they might put their finger through it if they pushed too hard. Another customer received their lamps in the mail and discovered that one had been broken during the shipping process. While these are all valid concerns, there have been more people who have posted wonderful comments about these lamps than those who have posted negative comments.
Whenever you purchase glass products online, there is always a small risk during the shipping process. However with Amazon’s A to Z promise, broken or damaged purchases will be either replaced or returned with ease. These beautiful lamps are certainly worth the risk for their price and will afford you a glamorous and gorgeous addition to any room in your home with ease. Not only will you discover the beauty that these lamps can add to any room, but you will be able to enjoy the light that they provide and the way they look when they are lit up. These designer lamps are both beautiful to look at and work amazingly well to ensure that the dark corners of your home are both lit. Once you purchase these Park Madison lamps, you will find their beauty and elegance a pleasant addition to your bedroom, living room, office or den.

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