Princess Lamp with Pink Ruffle Shade review 2016

childrens bedside lampsI was looking for options as to, what to gift my niece who will turn 8 this February, and hence, was searching all over the shopping sites. There were many good things for the kids in the age group of 6-12, but I wanted my gift to be special, with more focus on her hobbies and what she actually loved doing.
So, zeroing on the product had become a difficult task, and hence I thought to ask her parents the next day, what she actually needed for her birthday, and was about to sleep, when my eyes fell on the lamp, which was calmly lighting up the place, that I had bought 6 months back. Then it struck me, why not gift her lamp?, the situation also seemed ideal, with them moving to their new house and my niece had been given her own room, which she was busy decorating with all sorts of things she can. I took my lappy out again , and begin to search for a bedside lamp from the same brand that I had brought my previous lamp, but was looking for more varieties in it, that would suit my little princess room, and then finally, I arrived at this page and this ended my search without any second thought. The reason being that, I had pretty bad experiences with lamps earlier, as they would get easily over heated and slowly the cover begins to tear up as time goes by, plugging issues and headaches. Hence, I kept observing this lamp for months, but, this lamp was just exceptional, and hence, was very confident of the product that it will not shatter my trust. So I decided to make it gift wrapped and directly send it to my little princess house, hoping for on time delivery.

As thought, the delivery was on time neatly wrapped up, ready to light up my princess room. I missed her birthday, but was very eager to visit her room to look, how well she made the use of this beautiful bedside lamp. Finally, I visited, and was overwhelmed with her response on the lamp, and when she showed me the room, it was really pleasant to see the lamp illuminating the room beautifully. She was very eager to show me how she made all the arrangements to the room with the help of her mother, to suit it up to the lightning of the room and was very thankful to me for giving her such a gift. I was very much surprised to see her eyes so sparkling with joy and the rapport we built. So, if you are thinking for same kind of treatment from your loved ones, then this is the one such bedside lamp to go for:
1) Not much overheating.
2) The material used for the lamp is good.
3) Suits best for a single room.
4) Long lasting.
5) Best deal for money.

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1) Bit difficult to be operated by children, because of the rolling switch, but not much of a deal considering the advantages.

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