TaoTronics Elune Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp TT-DL05


A very amazing product worth buying!
TaoTronics Elune Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp TT-DL05 Modern Bedside Lamp

Specs and Design:
The TaoTronics Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp TT-DL05 is one of the best products in the field of modern bedside lamps I have seen the past some years. This lamp is ultra-sleek with a bendable neck which helps the user to align the light as per requirement. The touch pad is very well thought and designed keeping in mind the ergonomics of use. The touch is very swift and there is no flicker in the lamp when the dimming is in progress. The lamp houses an LED lamp with an approximate life of more than 22 years emitting out soft whitish-blue light which is coated with an eye protector to emit very soft light which helps reducing strain on eyes. The lamp comes with an AC adapter with the wire length of 74 inches long and works on 100 to 240 VAC at 50 to 60 Hz. It comes with an instruction manual which explains the operation and the use of the lamp.

Lamp and life:
The lamp comes housed with a high life LED lamp with an average life time of 22 years. The lamp is very well designed to emit light which is whitish blue which helps reducing the strain on eyes. It comes with a microfiber cloth to clean the lamp whenever it is a little dusty so that there are no scratches on cleaning.I got this bedside lamp sometime back to help me illuminate my workplace during the night. I have tried numerous such products before but have always found that this low light causes a strain on the eyes. This bedside lamp emits out excellent light which can be easily dimmed with the dimmer and customized as per use. The flexible neck helps you to orient the lamp as per use. The sleep design and matt color creates an amazing impression and blends with your interiors. Being a photographer all my work is either on the computer or mostly sketching and my work hours are generally late at night. This lamp helps me to do my work without straining my eyes and not disturbing my family.
This lamp comes in two funky yet decent colors which can be used to illuminate the desks of students who intend to study late nights. One very important benefit of using this lamp is the control on the intensity of light. The light intensity can easily be customized as per requirement with the excellent touch panel provided by the manufacturer. This helps the users to manage the light as per their requirement and their comfort level. In all the lamp is a fantastic buy and you should go for it.

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