Treat a Special Child to the IGGI Binkie Elephant Lamp

IGGI Binkie Elephant LampA child’s bedroom or playroom should be a fun place which evokes a sense of whimsy. It will be easy to give a child’s room plenty of innocent and wholesome charm, just by choosing this exceptional elephant lamp design today!
If you’re looking for a truly unique and inspiring lamp which is just right for a child, you’ll find that the IGGI Binkie Elephant Lamp really delivers and it’s very affordable, too!
First of all, you should know that this lamp is just beautiful! It looks like a gentle white elephant and this fun animal “character” glows from within whenever the lamp is turned on! In addition, “Binkie” may be personalized, so, if you want to, you may permit your child to color his surface and/or add stickers or decals in order to give him a little more character!
It’s safe to customize Binkie and doing so will be a perfect way to bond with a beloved child. So, why not sit down with some art supplies and then make Binkie a perfect expression of your child’s personal style?
Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you get started.

This is a Lovable Lamp
This adorable lamp is meant to be loved. Even when it’s turned off, it functions as art due to its wonderful, sculptural quality. This is why it’s such a popular choice with parents and with those who are looking for unique gift ideas for children. It’s an object which is functional and so much fun to look at.
Add Binkie to a baby’s nursery or to a child’s bedroom or playroom. This lamp is available for about twenty-two dollars at most larger online retailers and it earns high marks from real-life owners.
Now, let’s talk about product specifications for this irresistible children’s lamp design…
Discover Binkie’s Product Features
We’ve already discussed the fact that this elephant lamp looks superb and, so let’s talk about its technical features. It will come to you in a flat pack and may be assembled easily in eight straightforward steps. You should be able to get this lamp assembled in just a few moments, as it comes with very clear and detailed assembly instructions.
This lamp will weigh 1.2 pounds. It’s a lightweight, airy design which is crafted from quality materials. The elephant isn’t a toy. It may be decorated, but it should be handled with care, so do supervise while your special boy or girl adds customization features to the design. If you decide not to personalize the design, you’ll find that it adds a nice glow to the room, due to its pale, frosted material. When you do add color, it will reflect the colors that you’ve added. Either way, you will love the way that it looks.
This lamp’s dimensions are 28.5 x 21 x 8.7 inches.

IGGI Binkie Elephant childrens bedside LampIs This Lamp a Smart Choice?
IGGI is a respected manufacturer of lamps so you’ll find that investing in this charming design makes for a smart purchase. Since it’s also very competitively-priced, it will not bust your budget and it’s definitely a great gift idea for a baby shower, child’s birthday or other special occasion. If you want to create a really unique and thoughtful gift, add non-toxic markers and children’s stickers to your present. This will give a child the right tools for customizing Binkie.
To find this design online, visit or another Web-based retailer with a great reputation.
Once you’ve assembled this new lamp, which is just so practical and affordable, you’ll find that it becomes a focal point in the room. It’s great to look at, it’s a conversation piece and it’s something that any child will love. Since it’s been crafted with care in order to please children and in order to offer just the right degree of brightness, it’s guaranteed to please.
If you’re decorating a larger space, ordering two or three of these lamps will help you to light the room properly and turn it into the type of place that children love to be. However, even one of these cute elephant lamps will be enough to spark a young child’s imagination. Of course, grown-ups who love elephants (elephants are considered to be “lucky” animals) may also enjoy adding these whimsical lamps to their home interiors.

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