TROND Halo 11W-C Clamp Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

tr led lampHave you been searching for a desk lamp that is modern and is easy on the eyes without being too bright? Or maybe you want a light that will easily clip to a desk, end table, or bedside table that will light the pages of your favorite books in the night. No matter what the reason is that you require a clamp lamp, the TROND Halo Clamp Desk Lamp will be the perfect fit for you and your home. It possesses many features that will brighten your darkened desk or pages of your books, allowing you to not only see what you are doing but won’t blind you when you turn it on.
This lamp has many features that you will enjoy each and every time you use it, and might even make you want to buy another for a different room so you won’t want to move the original one. The TROND Halo lamp is not only Eco-friendly with its mercury free lighting, but is easy on the eyes as the light guide prevents glare, ghosting, or flickering when in use. You will also notice the clamp is completely adjustable and the arm allows you to swivel and tilt the lamp wherever you want it to direct the light. The clamp is also capable of opening to 1.38 inches to be used on just about any surface including pianos, music stands, desks, and so much more. There are 3 light modes as well as a 5 level dimmer to help you adjust the lighting to where you like it best. It also possesses a memory function built into the lamp so it will remember the settings that you prefer so you won’t have to set it up each and every time you turn it on.

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Beneficial Features
It may seem hard to believe that a lamp can provide other beneficial features besides the lighting that it will provide your darkened desks and other work surfaces. However, this wonderful lamp also has a timer feature that you can activate by pressing the on/off switch for approximately two seconds so it will turn off automatically shut off after 30 minutes. This can be useful if you only want to work for 30 minutes and will remind you when your time is up. You can also use the USB charging port to charge your devices if they are running low on battery power while you are working. The chargeable devices that you can connect to this lamp and charge up include Android Phones, iPhones, and other 5V devices.
Customer Reviews

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Customers love this clamp lamp and enjoy many benefits that other lamps don’t provide. One customer said that the pros of this lamp include the versatility, the rubberized coating, and lack of heat after long term use, USB connection, the dimming capabilities and color modes, as well as many other features. However she also pointed out the negatives that she has experienced using this lamp such as the USB connection could be 2 amp instead of the 1.5 amp described, and limited lumen produced. Another customer said that she likes the bendy neck of this lamp best as it allows her to easily maneuver the lighting to how she needs it as she performs many photography projects that require her to look over her work. Many other customers feel the same way about this lamp and its amazing functions, as well as the amazing 18 month warranty that you will receive from TROND when you purchase this lamp.
Very few people dislike this lamp, however there are some who find things that may concern other buyers. One customer noticed that the lamp doesn’t swivel at the base, but rather it bends which could be an issue for some people as they work. Another problem that this customer noticed was the way you have to hold the base as you re-position the lamp to keep it stable while changing the position or direction of the light. Even though these issues are small, some may find them bothersome if they need to constantly re- position the lamp as they work and don’t have both hands free to do so.

While there are small flaws in this lamp, as there are in many other products, this is one of the best adjustable lamps on the market today. The TROND Halo lamp will not only illuminate your work spaces, but can be used in a variety of different ways to ensure you can see what you are doing. The extra features that you won’t find on any other lamp are also nice and can provide a major benefit for those who would find them overly useful.

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