WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp review 2016

WBM Himalayan light natural air purifying salt lamp is like a large crystal of Himalayan Salt , in which a small bulb is used for lighting it. Himalayan salt lamps can be used in two different ways. Either you can use them as a large crystal or as a basket of salt crystals. A large salt crystal lamp of Himalayan Salt is considered very good for releasing negative ions in the atmosphere. It purifies air and provides you a fresh atmosphere to live inside the home. Well , you should remember to buy the salt lamp made by Himalayan salt , otherwise other companies may provide you lamp of cheap salt crystals that will not work for you.

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Releases Negative Ions:
Negative ions are generated naturally. Himalayan salt light is also a natural source of negative ions. Generally negative ions released in the atmosphere by lightening storm , sunlight , waterfalls or by the ocean waves. You can surely feel refreshed after a lightening storm. Everything seems fresh and new and it happens only because of releasing of negative ions. Similarly , people feel fresh, while they go on beach to enjoy free time. Well, every day you can’t have a lightening storm and you can also not visit at the beach every day. So what you should do is, buying a Himalayan Salt lamp, which can release negative ions inside your space to make you feel refreshed every time.

It is hand crafted:best bedside salt lamp
WBM Himalayan Light Natural Air Purifying Salt Lamp,  is prepared from natural Himalayan salt. This lamp is different from other kinds of lamps because it is a handcrafted lamp. The Himalayan salt crystals are dissected from its natural source and these crystals look pink. What you have to utilize it as a lamp is, just apply a 15 watt bulb in it and it will offer you warm amber glow. You can easily change the color of glow by applying a colorful bulb inside the lamp. This lamp can be used as a night lamp because its glow is quite light and comfy.

Good for purifying air:
We daily use many electronic devices , like computer , TV , vacuum cleaner , etc. These devices release positive ions in a large quantity. Positive ions create trouble for us because they cause us stress, struggle in sleep and also the reactions. These positive ions can be terminated easily by negative ions. If you apply a salt lamp in your home, it will emit a significant amount of negative ions. These negative ions will collide with positive ions and destroy them. Thus, you will have a pleasing atmosphere in your space.
WBM Himalayan light natural air purifying salt lamp,  is appreciated by many people for its wonderful usability. It can offer you a wonderful atmosphere to work , sit and enjoy your life. This lamp is now available online for purchase. Prefer a quality product prepared by WBM, which is manufactured from pure Himalayan Salt. It will help you in getting work done otherwise cheap quality Himalayan salt lamp will be worth waste of money.

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