What To Look For When Choosing The Best Bedside Lamp

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Going to sleep, like waking up, is a process. Many people choose to read or otherwise find ways to entertain themselves shortly before going to bed. From this need a small industry of bedside lamps were born. What makes a good bedside lamp the best bedside lamp? What separates a $150 bedside lamp from a $20 bedside lamp? Lets take a look at four key factors you should consider, as well as two things that often lead to pricier bedside lamps.

1. Customizable Brightness

While a wall dimmer is helpful in most situations, the majority of people in bed will not want to use one as it involves having to get up and move around. That is why having a bedside lamp with customizable light levels can be handy. Depending on the nature of your tasks and how tired your eyes are, different intensities of light can be helpful or harmful. Being able to select from a range means having the versatility to make you most comfortable prior to falling asleep. More often then not, bedside lamps with customizable brightness are sold with three intensities as well as an off option.

2. Focused Beam Verses Omnidirectional

The focused beam verse omnidirectional has a lot to do with whether or not you are sleeping with someone else. The omnidirectional bedside lamp will illuminate most things with the same intensity. While this means you have less intense light directly on you, it also means that your partner may have a challenging time if he or she is attempting to go to sleep. The focused beam on the other hand usually provides a more intense light in a focused area. Depending on the type of bedside lamp you buy, the intensity as well as cone of light will be different. More often then not, focused beam bedside lamps are preferred.

3. Easy Access Light Switch

Some of the best bedside lamps are those easiest to use. As seen when considering wall-mounted dimmers, anything that involves movement will interrupt the process of going to sleep by you moving around. That is why it is essential that bedside lamps have some form of localized on-off switch. In addition, if you have a variable intensity beside lamp, then both the on-off and intensity dimmer may be included into a single switch running along the power cord. Easy access light switches can be found on all modern bedside lamps regardless of price. However, some older models and antiques will not include this.

4. Design

When looking at the design for a bedside lamp, there are two things you should consider. The first is the weight. A good bedside lamp will provide a weighty bottom. This additional weight helps to ensure that the bedside lamp will not tip over or fall during the night. In addition, the weight will secure the rest of the bedside lamp in case you turn the lamp or swivel the head. The second thing to consider is the type of swivel head you have for your bedside lamp. Seen mostly with focused beam bedside lamps, the swivel head is only as good as it is easy for your to point the light source where you want it. Generally speaking, more expensive bedside lamps will provide better more stable directional lighting.

Additional Things To Consider When Purchasing Bedside Lamps:


1. Materials Used

Some of the price of more expensive bedside lamps come from the materials used. For example, marble and stone bases, as well as ornate glass-work can quickly raise the overall price of a bedside lamp by $40 or $50 dollars. There is also the manufacturing cost for that particular bedside lamp that will change depending on what the current sale price is. Many people choose to shy away from the cheaper plastic bedside lamps as they break easily and are sometimes poorly balanced. As a result, metal and glass are currently the most popular options out there, while neo-classical styles are making a resurgence in popularity due to their ornate and luxurious aesthetic design.

2. Overall Design

The designer and style of bedside lamp will also play a big role in how much the lamp is marked up. While not as big of a deal as in other industries, there are such things as designer bedside lamps that cost much more for a limited amount of additional functionality. As a result, not all well-designed bedside lamps are the best bedside lamps for your needs.

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